The Ridika casino was opened in 2017 and offers players the chance to experience casino gaming on their website, a site we really liked the look of during this casino review. This is only a small site, perfect for those who wish to go with a smaller company so they don’t get lost with all the offerings that a big site brings to the table, which can sometimes lead to a little player confusion.


During this online casino review, we noticed that the Ridika site has a select number of games on offer. The majority of these are slots, it would be nice to see more variety on the site, but if you just want to play slots then they have more than enough to cater for you. They also offer a handful of table games with some video poker too, but little else for players. 


One of the key areas for online casino reviews is the bonuses that are on offer and Ridika stand up really well here. They offer a competitive welcome bonus as well as many other ways to get a bonus later down the line, so you are always going to feel like you are getting a good deal here. 

Mobile Gaming

There are more and more players turning to mobile gaming and with the convenience that it offers, this is no surprise. We take mobile gaming very seriously when conducting our casino reviews and are pleased to say that the Ridika casino has a great mobile site in place for users who want to play at home and while they are out, it is fast, offers a good range of games and looks great on small screens.

Payment Methods

The Ridika casino offers players the chance to bet with Bitcoin as well as standard currencies, something that stood our during our casino review. They offer a wide range of payment methods which is good, you can use a bank card of some of the big e-wallet companies to get money into your account which is nice to see. 

Customer Support

The good news is that Ridika offer both live chat and email support to their players, so you have two options for getting in touch with them, something we like to see when completing online casino reviews. However, these are not open 24/7, so if you play through the night then you may find them closed so you have to wait until the morning after, but other than that, they offer a good service here. 


Ridika have put together a small service that will appeal to those players who don’t want to get caught up and confused by the big casino websites out there. They have a good mobile site, offer Bitcoin gaming and good bonuses, so there is plenty to like about what is on offer. 

To summarise, here are our five top features of the Ridika casino: 

  • Great bonuses available for new players
  • Small but impressive range of games
  • Game with Bitcoin deposits 
  • Take your gaming on the go thanks to the impressive Ridika mobile site
  • Contact the customer service team in two ways if you need help