Popular French Football Team Will Launch a Cryptocurrency

Paris Saint-Germain is going to issue its own cryptocurrency to increase fans’ involvement.

Major French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is going to issue a cryptocurrency in order to encourage the involvement of its fans across the globe. The club will issue its own proprietary tokens, and this is to be done by spring 2019. Fans owning the tokens will be able to participate in different votes related to PSG’s activities and leverage unique opportunities like meeting the players.

PSG has become partners with a Maltese blockchain company Socios.

Several football clubs in the UK have recently signed a deal with eToro, an online investment company, to make possible Bitcoin payments as sponsorship. PSG, however, stresses that the main objective of launching a crypto is to let fans participate in the club’s life, rather than attract investments. In addition, the French club hopes that the introduction of blockchain will make the voting processes more transparent and secure.