BitcoinBuster talked to Christina Hammer about the relationship between boxing and casinos, visiting iGB Live in Amsterdam and the game that appeals to the World Boxing Champion.

Christina, you are the first female boxer who owns an online casino. How come you started this business? Why online gambling?

Boxing and Casinos has a long tradition. All great fights were placed in Casinos like the MEGA Fight Mayweather vs. McGregor at MGM Hotel Casino Las Vegas. Online Casinos are the future of gambling, so it was an exciting opportunity for me to take part in this market.

Who are your customers? Have any fans of your boxing achievements become players in the Lady Hammer Casino?

Everybody who loves gambling are potential customers. Sure, some of my fans are also playing in the Lady Hammer Casino.

The competition in the market of online casinos is rather high. What do you do to attract and retain players?

My name, my success, my reliability are some attractions. Our cooperation with the most famous Boxing association – the WBC. Social aspects; we donate 5% of our earnings to the aid organization of the WBC “Big Champions support Small Champions”, which helps poor children all over the world. Special winnings like “Win a ticket to the WBC Gala Dinner, meet Champions like Vitali Klitschko and Danny Wilder”. Win a personal training with me, visit world champion fights etc. Players in our Casino can get the closest view/contact to the top, top of world boxing. No competitor is able to offer such possibilities.

And yourself, Christina, do you play online casino games? And, if so, which ones are your favorites?

If I were not a professional boxer I would be a professional poker player. Both have to be focused, top trained, must be smart, are able to read their opponents and the head´s up is similar to the face to face at the weigh in.

 You are planning to visit iGB Live in Amsterdam, aren’t you? Why did you decide to attend?

In US I learned, you are always in business. It´s my casino, it´s my job to do the best for the success of the Lady Hammer Casino.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to surprise Lady Hammer Casino fans visiting the event?

Sure, come to the event and you will see the surprises.

Thank you so much, Christina! See you in Amsterdam!