BitcoinBuster has interviewed the founder of Anonymous Casino, Jack Black. Hello, Jack. How did you get the idea of founding a Bitcoin casino?

Jack: We wanted to create a decent product in the sphere of online gambling long ago. But we faced the question of what payments systems we should use? The existing payment systems allowed to add player’s funds instantly, but the withdrawals could take more than a day. Besides, there were certain limitations, restrictions for the users of several countries, tedious identification requirements and other difficulties and inconveniences for the players, first of all. But everything changed for me in May, 2013 when I read an article about Bitcoin in Forbes. I think it was called “Living On Bitcoin For A Week”. Now I regret (and I guess many others do) that I didn’t get to know cryptocurrencies before. What experience did you have in this sphere?

Jack: Our team has been in gambling business since previous millennium. We have long-standing contacts and good personal relations with world industry leaders. However, we don’t have such great experience in online gambling, but we turn for help to the best specialists and try to combine the best qualities of both online and land-based casinos in our product.You know, the difference between them is like between a supermarket and an online shop. This sphere is highly competitive. What is your strategy to sidestep rivals?

Jack: Yes, there’s really a competition and it’s going to be more fierce as the popularity of cryptocurrencies rises. Though, it is my opinion that there are only about 20 really professional cryptocurrency casinos today. There are swindlers and simply random people out there. That’s why many casinos will be closing by only a matter of time. We’ve been in the business for many years and we’re online now not just for a while. We don’t rush to get all and everything at once. We use original content only. My essential principle is that the player should get his winnings instantly. Quicker than he gets to the cashier in a real casino. If a player wins, he should feel that right off the bat in his pocket and with a glass of champagne in his hand. Not by sending his ID, utility bills or other stuff to get his winnings only in a week. What do you think attracts customers in your casino most of all ?

Jack: A player gets into a really unique world in our casino. He can stay completely anonymous and makes any bets without hesitation. There’s nothing like that even in a real casino yet. The player stays anonymous and, therefore, gets the feeling of freedom, which we tend to lack in our daily life. They don’t wait for the withdrawals and are not “tied” to us in this regard. They get their winnings instantly and can come to us again as new players and get their 150% Welcome Bonus again! The amount of the bonus is, perhaps, the largest among the competitors. Many leave their email (which is not necessary!), to get our mailout. Also, it’s not necessary to leave the email in order to participate in a lottery among the active players.  Just go to the website and check the account. We started to hold such lotteries weekly. Tell us about your success. What have you achieved up to this point?

Jack: We have great ambitions, that’s why we consider that our success is yet to come. I hope, that it will always be like that. It’s better to discuss our players’ success. A few days ago one of our players won more than 32 BTC, putting 0.03 BTC at stake. It’s not the largest winning, but the record lies in the fact that the player made only a 0.2 BTC deposit and was on the website for about 20 minutes! It’s more than 300 EUR a minute. What difficulties have you come across?

Jack: The main difficulties arise during integration of new products to our casino. The problem is, our essential principles are players’ anonymity and instant payments. And no one can meet such requirements. That’s why we have to find various technical solutions and take financial risks. For that reason our game list is not too big at the moment. But it’s a matter of time. We’re going to have a poker room and sports bets in the near future. However, the players are going to stay anonymous and get their winnings instantly! What do you think is the future of Bitcoin gambling industry?

Jack: As I’ve mentioned before, it’s going to rise along with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. It’s nice to have no financial institution as a mediator with its regulators and other problems between yourself and the game table. It’s also nice to track your transactions on on your own. I think that it’s the absence of the service of instant exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies which thwarts the progress. We are searching for a service that could meet our requirements, too. We expect the next breakthrough in Bitcoin gambling industry with the appearance of such a service or an increase in Bitcoin liquidity. I have a feeling that the second one will come earlier. We hope so, too. Thank you for the interview and good luck for your business!


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