As the results of 2017 summed up and 2018 is gaining momentum, the experts of BitcoinBuster Analytics Centre invite to look into the future and find out what is coming next in the industry of online gambling.

Growing Interest in Cryptocurrency Gambling

Cryptocurrencies have already made a splash in the gambling industry opening up new opportunities for both online casinos and players. In order to satisfy the needs of modern gamblers seeking anonymity, privacy, security and high speed, casinos have adopted digital currencies, mostly betting on Bitcoin.

mBit, Joo Casino, Anonymous Casino, King Billy Casino, BetChain, Lady Hammer Casino, BitStarz and Oshi Casino are among the cutting-edge casinos that took the advantage of cryptocurrencies.

According to the experts of BitcoinBuster Analytics Centre, in 2018 more and more casino players will go for those online casinos which adjust to their demands and allow to bet and withdraw in cryptos.

Governments Will Leverage Blockchain Technology to Regulate the Gambling Industry

There are still some problems in interaction with public authorities in the online gambling industry. Some countries even have a total ban on the gambling business. This prompts casino operators to move their jurisdiction to offshore countries. But positive changes regarding the legislation in the area of gambling across the world are definitely coming.

Due to the lack of transparency in online casinos that sometimes occurs, governments now are showing much interest in the blockchain technology for implementing gambling regulations not only in local jurisdictions but also for the industry as a whole. It offers a chance to solve problems that regulators face when it comes to control of online casinos.

Within the gambling industry the recording of gambling transactions could be provided through blockchain and smart contracts, which guarantee full transparency. As by its nature blockchain is not controlled by a single user, it becomes almost impossible to make alterations to the data.

Thus, blockchain technology will allow regulators to audit digitized transactions at any time and receive access to the same data as the online casinos under control.

There are already some positive examples of governments that recognize the benefit of the blockchain technology and support it: Canada has begun trialing the Ethereum blockchain to enhance transparency in government funding.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as Part of Gambling Games

Virtual reality, as well as Augmented reality, will be applied to the gambling products to make them even more engaging.

Online casinos will soon heavily rely on augmented and virtual reality and that, in turn, will lead to the emergence of a new segment. An impressive portion of online casinos will provide games differentiated by virtual and augmented reality. The gamblers will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of classic casinos and experience unforgettable impressions without leaving the house. It goes without saying that such games will be vivid, colorful and extremely attractive for users, while each casino will get an opportunity to stand out.

Growth of Mobile Gambling

Today online casinos closely monitor the latest trends to keep gambling customers loyal and to attract new players. Everything goes mobile, and gambling is not an exception: more and more players are using mobile devices, as the number of mobile phone users is growing rapidly. Gambling Participation Report published by the UK Gambling Commission revealed that 51% of online players reported having gambled on a mobile device last year in contrast with only 43% in 2016.

According to a report released by the market research company Technavio, the global mobile gambling market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 19% from 2017 to 2021. It is not surprising: modern players want to play on the move using their smartphones and Wi-Fi, and have the ability to access favorite games anytime and anywhere. This applies in particular to the younger generation. Mobile gambling causes an increased interest among younger gamblers who prefer online and specifically mobile gambling to traditional casinos.

Furthermore, mobile technology plays a huge role in gambling SEO, considering the way players search for gaming information and the games. In 2018 mobile-friendly games with good user experience will be even more effective at turning users into paying gamblers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, which today is at the forefront of modern technology, in 2018 and further is going to be actively used for the benefit of online gambling, along with data-driven machine learning and behavioral analytics.

Large volumes of gambling data will be analyzed by robots, while bots will chat with players and assist them, thus enhancing the capacity of online casinos.

What is more, artificial intelligence could be helpful in the fight against pathological addiction to gambling. According to the research of the University of London, the artificial intelligence technology is able to detect the early signs of gambling addiction and thus prevent their further deviation.