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Rosalie Gibson Author on Bitcoinbuster.comGrowing up enjoying how it felt to tell her schoolmates about the games she watched during the weekend helped Rosalie figure out what she wanted to do when she was done schooling: she wanted to tell more and more people about something exciting.

Rosalie Gibson is a 31-year-old casino enthusiast from Manchester, United Kingdom. She grew up on the red side of the city, where her kind father would take her to the Theater of Dreams every weekend. She developed a passion for Manchester United very early, as she watched players like Bryan Robson and Wes Brown, but she realized she was more passionate about something else.

I was very keen on Manchester United, and I still am. As a 6-year-old, I was always looking forward to the weekend games. But along the line, I realized I looked forward to something else even more: to tell the girls at school about the results.

Rosalie attended the St. Alphonsus RC Primary School before proceeding to the Trinity Church of England, High School. There was a recurring theme in all her classes: she was always interested in reporting. There was no way I wasn’t on the newscast team every year. So, before she went to University, Rosalie knew she was studying Journalism and Communication, and she did well, graduating from The University of Cardiff with Upper Second-class Honors in 2013.

At this time, casinos had become very popular, but Rosalie admitted it didn’t catch her fancy yet. She was searching for something pulsating; she wanted to tell (and write) news about something that involved fun and lots of fun. She worked at different virtual magazines, creating articles on plenty of niches over the years. This was where she picked interest in cryptocurrencies.

The crypto industry was being pushed about a lot in 2014/15. I had to write various articles on it. The idea of a virtual coin that the Government couldn’t control fascinated me.

She soon splurged thousands of pounds into Bitcoin and relaxed, preferring to be a long-term investor. She picked a thing or two from Warren Buffett. In the summer of 2016, she got an invite to work for a top-notch casino site, and after a month, “I just knew this was it. It was the perfect opportunity to report something fun.”

Since then, Rosalie Gibson has been some sort of household name among gamblers, with her passion for reporting fun and her expertise in communication combining to offer some of the best articles we’ve seen in the casino and crypto space in recent times. We are, therefore, very proud to have Rosalie on our team “Bitcoinbuster.com“. We have a jewel on our hands.

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